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"Why do Tai Chi"? This is the most frequently asked question and the most difficult to answer simply because the answer lies within the individual. T'ai Chi is a discipline with individual goals for personal achievement, so it really depends on why you wish to practice T'ai Chi in the first place.  For the majority of people it is about making a positive step towards taking control of certain areas of their lives whether physical or mental.T'ai Chi is not a miracle cure, it is a maintenance program, a gradual process of continued improvement for those wishing to try something to help themselves. A change of Lifestyle.

I have spoken to many people with arthritis or restricted mobility who are often angry and often feel defeated when they have tried to do a variety of different exercise programmes and failed. However, with T'ai Chi they say that they have found a form of exercise that's enjoyable and allows them to work at their own pace and level. The goal for some may be to maintain current levels of mobility whilst working towards improvement, some wish to improve co-ordination, others find the peaceful session mentally therapeutic, the majority enjoy the combination of all aspects if Tai Chi. Comments that people have made about improvements they have experienced since attending Tai Chi classes include:

•  A gentle method of exercise that they can comfortably do  

•  Improved balance                                                                                

•  Stress relief                                                                                          

•  Improved mobility and flexibility

•  Increased strength

•  Better concentration                                                                          

•  Controlled co-ordination

•  More confidence    

•  Enhanced sleeping   patterns

•  Improved periods of relaxation

•  Getting out and enjoying a social activity

If you are not sure whether T'ai Chi is for you or not, why not come along and have a look at what we do, we always welcome new faces. Classes are friendly and informal giving you the opportunity to come along and watch or to have a go and to meet and chat with other members - ask them what they think. All groups are very sociable not only offering T'ai Chi but also friendship, good company and support. Possibly you will come along and make your own connection with this enjoyable method of exercise and find joy through movement taking a new approach to your Lifestyle. 

Lesley Roberts T'ai Chi Instructor