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The 18 movement Taiji Qigong was created in 1982 in Shanghai , China by Tai Chi Master He Weiqi and Qigong Master and healer Lin Hou Sheng. The routine combines elements from the Yang form and more traditional breathing and movement exercises from Qigong. It has quickly become very popular exercise around practiced and enjoyed all around the world. DVD available

  • Raising the Arms
  • Opening the Chest
  • Painting a Rainbow
  • Separating the Clouds
  • Rolling the Arms in a Horse-riding Stance
  • Rowing a Boat in the Middle of a Lake
  • Carry Ball in Front of the Shoulders
  • Looking at the Moon
  • Pushing with the Palms
  • Cloud Hands in a Horse-riding Stance
  • Scooping the Sea and Looking at the Horizon
  • Pushing Waves
  • Flying Dove Spreads its Wings
  • Punching in a Horse-riding Stance
  • Flying Wild Goose
  • Rotating Wheel
  • Stepping Whilst Bouncing a Ball
  • Balancing Chi

Shibashi for Relaxation and Health
Why Shibashi?
Shibashi is a gentle method of simple exercises that is easy to learn. It consists of a sequence of 18 simple movements performed with several repeats in a fluid, continuous way combined with good posture and deep abdominal breathing. One of the great things about these moves is that they are easy to remember. As you learn the moves you can then gradually increase the number of Forms you do, increase the repetitions of each movement and go on to develop a great depth in your practice. Just by doing a few moves each day you should start to feel the benefits - around 20 minutes daily would be ideal but any time spend doing Tai Chi will help. From my observation and listening to feedback from students, 12 weeks is a breakthrough pint when they feel relaxed, focused and find joy through movement. Comments that people have made about improvements they have experienced since attending Tai Chi classes include:

  • Improved balance
  • Stress relief
  • A gentle exercise that they can comfortably do
  • Better breathing
  • Improved mobility and flexibility
  • Increased strength
  • Better concentration
  • Controlled co-ordination
  • More confidence
  • Enhanced sleeping patterns
  • Improved periods of relaxation
  • Getting out and enjoying a social activity

    Tai Chi is an exercise method within which you can set your own goals for personal achievement with a mixture of mental focus with relaxation and physical mobility with flexibility. Tai Chi is not a miracle cure, it is an ongoing maintenance program for continued improvement for those wishing to do something to help themselves.

    Over the years I have developed an insight into some of the problems people have when trying to exercise. People from all walks of life often experience back pain and other aches and pains, arthritis or restricted mobility often angry or feel defeated when they have tried to do a variety of different exercise programmes and failed. My Shibashi participants are all very positive and pro-active saying that say that they have found a form of exercise that's enjoyable and allows them to work at their own pace and level. As they begin to achieve their goals and feel fulfilled. I describe this as an upward spiral, as they start to succeed they are able to reach for more depth, exercise for longer sessions and with this progress their health improves then as their heath improves they can do more. This feeling of ongoing achievement has an uplifting effect too. Please understand that I do not teach Prescriptive Tai Chi only as gentle Tai Chi for general health benefits.

    Shibashi Qigong 18 Movements DVD

    People often feel unsure about practicing Tai Chi at home because they cant clearly remember what they learnt in class so I developed this a simple 'Follow me' DVD. This DVD will lead you safely through the 18 movements Qigong with a voice over and music to guide you or as you become more advanced, music only to help you relax and focus. For the future I am currently working on 2 new versions, a teaching DVD aimed at home tuition with more menu choices and also a seated version to help people who are not able to stand to do the moves. To order the DVD Click here