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Sun Style

Pronounced " Soong "

"Sun" style is the youngest of the major styles. It was created by Sun Lu -Tang (1861-1932). Sun is a well-known exponent of the Xiagyiquan and Baguaquan, two famous internal martial arts styles, before he learned Tai Chi. In 1912, Sun happened to run into Hao Weizheng of Hao style, who was sick. Without knowing who Hao was, Sun kindly took care of him by finding him a hotel and a doctor. After Hao recovered from his illness, he stayed in Sun's house to teach him Tai Chi.

It was said that Sun spent just a short period of time learning the Wu style before creating his own style with influences from Wu, Xingwiquan and Baguaquan . Sun Style is characterised by agile steps. Whenever one foot moves forward or backwards, the other foot follows. It's movement's flow smoothly like a river, and there is a powerful qigong exercise whenever the direction is changed. Sun Style has high stances. Some good qualities of Sun Style are that it contains much Qigong, which is especially effective for healing and relaxation; it's highest stances make it easier for older people to learn. It is also compact, not requiring a large space in which to practice. Sun has so much depth that it holds learners' interest as they progress.

In conclusion, there are many other Tai Chi styles and Forms, though some are less well known, this does not imply that they are less effective. The numerous styles and Forms of Tai Chi can be overwhelming to beginners and advanced students alike. Take this as an opportunity for choice rather then an array of confusion. Tai Chi can be simple if you define your aims and objectives. For example, if you wish to learn Tai Chi solely for its health benefits as opposed to self-defence, Sun Style offersmany built in benefits. such asa higher stance which prevents knee strain, qigong to enhance chi development and circulation, following step for balance and strength there is also great depth to hold the beginners interest.

Since the 19th Century, the Chinese have understood the immense health benefits of Tai Chi and its popularity has grown steadily. Now, Tai Chi is practiced in almost every corner of the world. It is one of the most popular exercises today with more than 300 million participants.

As we are surviving longer than out ancestors, chronic diseases affect more of us, diminishing the quality of out lives. Increasing scientific and epidemiological evidence indicates that exercise is essential for prevention and management of chronic disease. Tai Chi goes a long way towards this end. The popularity of Tai Chi will take another quantum leap as more people experience it's enjoyment and benefits.